how to make 1000 dollars fast

Complete Guide On How To Make 1000 Dollars Fast

Are you looking for how to make 1000 dollars fast? All smart methods with our own strategy of how to make 1000 dollars fast legally. In this guide, you’ll learn Lots of new things.

Here are 51 ways you can make 1000 dollars fast in a week:

1. Sell products on

Selling on Amazon is the first thing you have to know since it is an extraordinary way to earn money online with few costs. In the Marketplaces, the payment is $39.99/month without VAT. This makes it very affordable with your online store.

Amazon is a good business opportunity because you can sell your items without having to worry about the level in terms of traffic volume that your store receives since it is the most visited website on the planet.

How do I identify the business opportunity?

  • Check that the demand for the product is growing or at least has some stability. A smart way is to analyze the trend in Google Trends and then analyze the volume in terms of searches that the sector has in the Google keyword tool, where you will know the traffic growth and if users have a real interest in the product in question.
  • Research what level exists in terms of your competitors. You can do this by looking for the micro-niche where there is less competition, here tools like Semrush or ahrefs that are very helpful.
  • Check that the prices of the competition are higher than the price at which you want to market your products.
  • Validate that your brand image, the range that you sell and your website has a series of advantages and differentiating elements, as well as an extra value that consumers can perceive if we compare them with those of your competitors.

2. Complete online surveys

One of the best known and most popular ways of making money is by completing online surveys Mobrog. It is an easy way to work at home. You also learn something from it. For most sites you first need a profile, so you get surveys for which you can actually answer the questions. 

There are many websites where registration is free. To participate, you must be at least 12 years of age or older. In addition to the earnings, you can also get discounts on webshops. We have dedicated a separate article to this topic for more information.

3. Trading on the stock exchange online

You can start trading online at the stock exchange. It is ideal if you can find someone who is already trading on the stock exchange and who you fully trust. First, watch a few times and learn some clever tactics. 

Then keep an eye on the rates. This is of course also possible by following the latest news yourself. There are numerous sites such as IEX where you can do this. There is also a forum and an Opinion page where experts provide advice. To start trading you must join a broker. 

4. Earn with cryptos

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is convinced that Bitcoin will become the online currency of the future. There have been many people so far who have earned a lot of money by trading in cryptocurrency

There are even stories of people who have sold possessions to trade in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum for example. The advantage is that you can get rich quickly, due to the high fluctuating values ​​of cryptocurrency. The disadvantage is that you can lose your stake – just like with many financial products. Of course, you must know how it works and follows developments closely.

5. Dropshipping with Shopify

with Shopify, you can sell products without stock with your own webshop. Dropshipping is used a lot within e-commerce. This is how it works: A customer buys a product at your web store. You then place the order directly with a supplier on, for exampleAliExpress

He sends the product back to the customer. That way you don’t need any stock yourself. International drop shipping also occurs frequently. You then have no purchasing risk and you do not have to keep an assortment. With drop shipping, you often have to deal with VAT. You can earn up to 7500 dollars per month, depending on your product. It is all about margins and profits. You reach visitors to your webshop through FacebookInstagram ads and SEO.

6. Promote other people’s products

If you want to make 1000 dollars fast without a job, you can sell other people’s products and Make Money With Amazon affiliate marketing. “Being affiliated” literally means “being connected to”. You promote with your own website, social media and / or via email. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to have stock or customer service yourself. 

How much you earn depends strongly on the subject you choose and the level of competition. If you focus on SEO for traffic to your site, it can take 6 to 12 months before you start earning anything. You can quickly earn money with affiliate marketing by working with Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You then send relevant traffic by paying for one-click (CPC) and then earn it back an X number of times through the affiliate income that you get from converting visitors.

7. Start a Youtube channel

Can you talk well, are you not afraid of the camera and do you know a lot about a certain subject? Then you could earn money with YouTube. Of course, you need an interesting subject, a good camera and computer to edit videos with. 

That means that you still have to take into account the investment of a few hundred to a thousand dollars. But once you have many viewers, you can easily remove those costs again. You can earn between 4 and 5 dollars per 1000 views. For a constant flow of money, you have to stay active and always upload new videos. 

8. Become an Instagram influencer

Nowadays more and more people become an influencer on Instagram. You don’t have to be a jetsetter to become an influencer. With good clothing taste, you can go very far.  Cristiano Ronaldo even earned 2000 dollars per photo, after she quit her normal work and continued with her modeling work. Social Brands and Social Friends are agencies where you can register as a small influencer to earn money. 

You have to be able to cope with a different lifestyle because you sometimes travel around the world. You must also actively post and respond to comments on a daily basis. You can start cheaply by taking photos with your mobile and later purchase a professional camera. Mind you, it can take quite a while before you have enough and you can ask for real money. You also have to leave the house regularly to take photos.

9. Become a pro gamer

An increasingly popular profession: live gaming on Twitch. Just look at Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins who brings millions in America. You will then become a real professional gamer, which means that you will spend most of the day gaming. 

You do not earn anything with gaming, but if you are good and know how to connect a community (fans) to you, you can earn a lot. Regular viewers can make donations or even take membership on your account. Then you live off donations and memberships. You do need a good computer and a webcam. Take into account investment of at least 1000 dollars and a good deal of time before you are good enough to attract fans.

10. Write texts

Making money with writing texts (via eg TextBroker ) is an increasingly popular form of generating income online. Of course, you need a good sense of language for that. You must also have a good command of the English language. 

Take into account a competitive market, which means that you have to excel in your work. Moreover, prices can vary considerably per word. There are also websites where you have to bid against each other to win the contract. You can easily earn 0.025 dollars per word. If you bring in the big fish, it can go up to 0.1 dollars per word. If you then write an article of 1000 words you will earn 1000 dollars. If you can also type quickly you earn money quickly.

11. Place banners on your site

You won’t get rich immediately, but if you have a successful website, you can choose to place a number of banners on your site. The most used platform is Google Adsense, where you get up to 2 to 3 dollars per 1000 impressions, depending on the subject of your website. 

That means that especially websites that welcome millions of visitors per month can do quite well. Alternatives to Adsense are Chitika and Medianet. Earn more? Then you can also choose to sell banner space in-house. You then have to approach potentially interested companies with a proposal. Don’t have a successful site yet? Then first have a look above when starting your own blog.

12. Give an online course

Are you an expert on a specific topic? Then you can teach an online visitor more about the subject, just like a teacher. Subjects such as nutrition and exercise are often subjects on which online courses appear. Carpentry or designing things yourself are also good topics. With an online course, you can best prepare an e-book or make a video series. 

Visitors can then purchase the ebooks/videos. Depending on the subject and the size of the course you can request 10 to 200 dollars per course. You can sell your course in-house in a webshop or via a network such as PayPro. Keep in mind that for a professional video course you need a good microphone, camera and course software (eg Teachable ), as well as accept online payments (via eg Mollie ). Your video is best hosted on Vimeo.

13. Offering services on Fiverr

Making videos, sound design, programming programs, writing, designing logos, cartoons, drawings or something else? You can offer everything you can as a service on the Fiverr website. Fiverr owes its name to the fact that most orders can be offered for 5 dollars. 

Fiverr withholds part of the income, so you earn around 4 dollars per job. It is also possible to increase the price or to offer extra services (upselling). With Fiverr, you also get paid quickly, so the total amount can best be entered. You have costs depending on your services to the products you need for production. Think of audio and/or video equipment, editing software, and other materials.

14. Sell ideas

Attention students, creatives and young professionals! If you have a creative brain full of good ideas, you can sell your ideas and make money with the Battle Of Concepts. There are even entire competitions for the best ideas. First, read which briefing (assignment) you like best and start brainstorming. 

You don’t have to be very old to be able to sell ideas. That is possible for 12 years. Many companies and organizations regularly offer generous rewards for the best idea. The prize money is easily 5000 dollars per idea, but then, of course, you have to win and give up the rights to the idea.

15. Sell old clothing

A whole lot of clothes in the closet that you don’t use anymore Then sell them on Market. With selling clothes you immediately participate in a more sustainable climate, your clothes get a second life and you can also earn a nice penny. If necessary, ask friends or parents to choose good clothes. It takes quite a lot of time to create advertisements, so getting rich quickly is not an option. But if you take the time, you can easily earn some money from your old (brand) clothing. 

TIP: Do you have a taste for it? Then ask in your neighborhood whether you can sell clothing from neighbors and keep 50%.

16. Start an internet radio channel

Most famous radio presenters have started their career with the local broadcaster. It is often not possible to earn anything from the local broadcaster, but it is possible to start your own internet radio station (with for example Radionomy ). 

Possibly locally, with finding local advertisers and sponsors. Keep in mind that you have to purchase (expensive) equipment and at least pay the music rights. Those costs are around 75 dollars per month. As a result, the earnings may be around 50 dollars per month in the beginning. No fat pot but a nice paid hobby for the morning or evening hours.

17. Playing the Fortnite

Turning your hobby into a profession is a dream of many. The 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf managed it. He is a professional Fortnite player and CNBC also post on their site. Those who are very good at the game can earn up to thousands of dollars per month. The gaming itself does not produce anything, but streaming the game does. 

18. Sell book summaries

Are you still a student or were you a real bookworm at school? Then you must have written many book reports; a job that many students shy away from. That is why there is a great demand for summaries and extracts from books. Moreover, the summaries provide a good overview of the course material. If you’ve always been good at making summaries, the paid summary is something for you. On various websites (such as ) you can offer summaries of books for a fee.

19. Promo read and click emails

Paid email reading is a well-known way of working from home. You don’t have to leave the house. All you have to do is register with so-called GPT programs. You will then receive voluntary emails from companies to which you can register. 

Often just clicking on a link in the email is enough to earn a cent per click. If you sign up, the bonuses can go up to 1.50 dollars. If you introduce someone, you will also get paid for it. If you spend a few hours every week, you can earn hundreds of dollars per month.

20. Reviewing toys

Some children are entrepreneurs at heart. For example, six-year-old Ryan already has his own YouTube channel on which he plays with new toys. Ryan makes reviews about toys and has now earned more than 11 million dollars. These are of course exceptional situations, but it is quite possible to set up such a channel yourself. 

Getting rich is out of the question, but with enough followers and a good number of advertisers, it’s a good idea for a YouTube channel. You can also start a review blog where you write toy reviews. There are start-up costs for recording equipment and it takes a long time before you become known, so this is for the long-term entrepreneurs.

21. Building WordPress websites

The earnings of a website builder can vary considerably. WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) on the internet. That is why there is a lot of demand for WordPress sites. Website developers who are handy enough to create their own custom theme can make a lot of money by building WordPress themes. 

This can yield up to a thousand dollars per website, depending on the size of the website. Keep in mind that the development of WordPress sites can take some time and experience. If you cannot create customized themes, you can even offer to install existing themes at a lower rate. for example, you can then create a WordPress installation on a domain of your choice with one push of a button.

22. Translate texts

If you have a good feeling for different languages, you can earn considerably as a translator. Exactly how much one is going to earn depends on the language chosen. Usually applies; the more special the language, the more you can earn with it. English and vice versa are often offered, but Japanese, Russian or Korean is already spoken a lot less in our country. 

As a translator, you provide translations for websites, subtitles on television and the like. As a result, jobs can vary considerably. A rate of 0.03 to 0.1 dollars per word is common. Take a look at the day translation and accurate language services for options.

23. Designing logos

Make your hobby your job! If you are currently a designer, but you are still studying, you can already start designing logos. Designing logos is particularly popular among designers who are still in training. You still need a portfolio for your studies and that is how you can build it up and earn from it. Designing a logo can already yield 75 dollars per logo, depending on the quality delivered. You do need a fast computer, a well-calibrated monitor and a license for design programs. Well-known websites where you can go are freelancer and 99Designs.

24. Tracking Netflix bugs

Netflix is ​​a popular medium to watch series with, but you can also earn with it. The streaming service has recently introduced a way to make money with it. You must have an eye for detail because your job is to detect bugs and other errors

Netflix gives good rewards for people who find important mistakes. This is called ‘bug hunting‘. Bug hunting is now available to everyone. Depending on the type of bug, your reward can be as high as 12,000 dollars per bug. You do need a very good knowledge of programming to find the expensive bugs. But you can also earn a few tens to a few hundred dollars for smaller problems. You can report a Netflix bug here.

25. Creating Pinterest boards

Pinterest works like a message board where you can post texts, photos, and videos. Pinterest is often used to gain inspiration. Some users have thousands of followers. It is possible to earn money in this way through sponsorship. With a few thousand followers, an account becomes interesting for marketers. You will then get paid to place advertisements. For example, to create a Pinterest board about sports or fitness. You can also earn money through affiliate marketing and creating Pinterest boards. The earnings can amount to as much as 10 dollars per day.

26. Sell t-shirts online

Are you a real designer or do you always have slogans or puns? Top US Seller SanMar have even made a whole clothing line out of it. You can do that too! All you have to do is design cool t-shirts. For example, using striking patterns, a lot of glitter or funny texts. Once you have a large community behind you, you can earn quite a bit from selling t-shirts. Selling a t-shirt can yield around ten dollars per t-shirt. You can start this on teespring. They also have a webshop where you can offer your t-shirt for sale

27. Virtual assistant

In a digital age, virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular. A Virtual Assistant is someone who works from home and can be compared to a digital secretary. A virtual assistant helps an entrepreneur with administrative tasks, for example. Self-employed people are often so busy that they cannot get to certain things. Think of sending invoices, preparing newsletters or keeping the agenda. Social media is also becoming increasingly important. As a virtual assistant, you earn around 20 to 40 dollars per hour.

28. Selling handicraft with Etsy

Handcrafting is no longer just a thing of the past. It is a hobby that comes back more often. You can choose to start selling your homemade stuff on Etsy. Nothing is as nice as a handmade gift! That is why you can save serious income from selling hand-made handicrafts if you take a smart approach. For example, by using a web store like Etsy. Steps such as registration with the Chamber of Commerce are involved. You can of course also use Marktplaats and Ebay.

29. Voice-over

Has anyone always told you that you have a nice voice? Or can you imitate many different voices? If you have the talent to convey difficult information as clearly as possible, then voice overtime might be something for you. The condition is that you speak English correctly. Becoming an English voice-over on Fiverr is the next step. 

Voice-overs are often very expensive, so you will quickly notice if you offer yourself on Fiverr. A gig can give you 5 dollars, but when it comes to commercial work, you can also earn 30 dollars. If you become popular, you can just get 10 gigs in one day. That can, therefore, amount to 300 dollars per day. You do have to invest a little in sound recording equipment and sound-absorbing recording space available.

30. Trade-in domain names

Do you have insight into the best domain names in the US? Do you know exactly which domain names and keywords will become a trend? Then register the domain names. Then you can trade in domain names. Sometimes registering a domain name costs at most a few dollars, while the domain name can still increase in value considerably. 

Registering with Godaddy costs 1 dollar. Also, check out expired domains where old valuable domain names expire and end up in an auction. You can then put them up for sale again on Godaddy deals. By trading in domain names, you can earn up to hundreds of dollars for some names. You often get more for a domain name in return than you have invested. Count your winnings.

31. Writing ebooks for others

As a copywriter, you often write texts for different parties. There are also writers who do nothing but create eBooks. There are often experts on the internet who know a lot about a subject but do not have the skills to put it down on paper. Start writing eBooks for others and earn with it. 

Exactly how much you earn depends on the length of the eBook. Yet you should easily be able to earn around 50 to 100 dollars per book. A good sense of language is of course necessary. Search for assignments on Fiverr and PeopleperHour.

32. Additional jobs via Upwork

Upwork is a platform where freelancers and clients are linked to each other. The platform can be compared to Marktplaats. The advantage of Upwork is that you can also find international clients for, for example, writing or translation assignments. 

First, you need to create a strong profile, respond to ads, and deliver the work. Upwork is already asking for 100 dollars for the first 500 dollars. Then you pay up to $ 10,000 about 10 percent. After that, you will pay 5 percent. So make sure that you ask a price that you yourself also have something left to.

33. Delivering groceries

Ordering groceries online is becoming easier. As a grocer, you are available for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 32 hours per week to deliver groceries. You earn 11.68 gross per hour. Keep an eye on; only applicants in possession of a driver’s license B are eligible. You also need a few strong arms, a good command of the English language and a radiant smile.

34. Sell or resell jewelry

Anyone who still has old gold jewelry in their closet can choose to sell this gold jewelry. For example, most jewelry is no longer appreciated, is dusted away or is simply broken. It is then possible to sell gold jewelry through an amergold

For this, the jewelry must first be taken to an appraiser. That happens on location, with which you yourself are present. You will then immediately receive the amount in cash. Different types of gold jewelry are welcome; necklaceswatchesbracelets, etc. The appraisals are always permanent. If you have an eye for it, you can also trade-in jewelry and resell it.

35. Private driving Service

Private drivers think service-oriented and bring a car safely from A to B. You work as a private driver or as a board driver. For this, you need to complete a separate education. This way you can follow these courses at the CBR. This concerns the driving license. 

If you have this driver’s license, you can start immediately as a private driver or executive driver. You must also have a valid driver’s license B. The earnings start at 2200 dollars gross if you are just starting, but can quickly increase over time.

36. Become a chat operator

Many people are looking for a company online. Chat operators manage multiple profiles on ecommerce sites and talk to several visitors at the same time. The visitor gets an online company for a fee and settles per message. 

Depending on how many messages he sends per month, the chat operator receives about 0.06 to 0.1 dollars per message. Please note: as a chat operator you must have a rich imagination. The chats often become erotic in nature over time. You can earn extra money and it doesn’t take much effort and/or time if you do it in between your daily business.

37. Rent your car

Do you have a car that you do not use? Then you can generate passive income with it by temporarily renting out your car. Millions of cars stand still every day. That is why it is easy to rent your car to someone else in the region. 

That is also an environmentally conscious solution. There are various parties where you can register online. Before renting, always check the condition before and after the rent, and of course the driver’s license. You can continue with your car insurance during the rental period. There are even websites that take out special insurance for it. Depending on the type of car you can earn up to 6000 dollars per year.

38. Uber driving

If you drive regularly, you may become an Uber driver. Uber is a well-known online service where you can register as a taxi driver. Abroad, it is fairly easy to become an Uber driver. In the US there are many rules. You must obtain a driver card of 700 dollars, you must register first. So consider carefully whether you want to make the investment to become an Uber driver. You can earn a lot, but also little.

39. Video selling

Exactly how much income you earn from making and selling videos is hard to say. The income is one month higher than the other month. Still, you have to be a bit creative. You can sell video clips via Shutterstock or iStockPhoto

Take a good look at the popular categories and the categories where few videos are still available. If you have a hit, it can be sold multiple times and generate a passive income. Another possibility is to use User Farm. A company then indicates what it is looking for. You make the video and submit it. The best entry is chosen and receives the prize money. As a result, monthly income is not always the same.

40. Repair computers & laptops

Are you the one family member who always arranges all IT matters in the family? Are you handy with computers and do you know how to use both the hardware and software of a computer or laptop? Then a job as a repairer might be something for you! 

You then visit people’s homes and help them with problems with the computer or laptop. You can think of installing a virus scanner, reinstalling an operating system or replacing a hard disk in a computer or laptop. For this, you obviously need some prior knowledge. IT training can come in handy.

41. Walking the dogs

One of the oldest jobs to earn money is walking dogs. We have probably all done that as a ‘trick for a job’, but you can certainly earn money with it. Normally an amount of five dollars per dog is very normal. If you can walk several dogs at the same time, the amount can quickly increase. 

Count on walking four dogs per hour, then you have earned around 20 dollars per hour. You do have to be a little firm in your shoes – literally – because dogs can sometimes pull quite a bit. Certainly the big boys. Interested? Then do around in your neighborhood and check how much interest there is.

42. Writing book reviews

Do you enjoy reading and writing books? Then become a real bookworm and earn by writing reviews. Many companies and publishers are looking for people who read books and write reviews about them. You often do not get a fixed hourly wage on a freelance basis, but you pay per review. What you earn depends a little on the client. 

There is usually a journalistic rate between 10 and 50 dollars per review. Most clients today require that you have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field such as journalismcommunication, or English. A degree in Information Sciences can also come in handy. English-language reviews are currently the most popular. On this wellkeptwallet site, You can find a list of various sources where you can submit English book reviews.

43. Lend money to companies

A well-known saying is ‘money makes money‘. Do you have enough money and do you want to make more money out of it? Then you can choose to lend money to companies. This is what is called peer-to-peer credit. 

Funding Circle is one of the platforms in the US that offers this. You can lend your money for 6 to 8 percent of the total amount. If you lend 1000 dollars, you can, therefore, earn 60 to 80 dollars a year. How it works: Borrowers can submit a loan application on platforms. The creditworthiness is first considered. If that is approved, the investor will be asked whether he wants to lend money.

44. Write a book and publish it yourself

Are you good with the English language, are you creative and a true word artist? Then you can get started as a writer. Anyone who thinks that a publisher is necessary to be able to write and publish a book is wrong. 10,000 books have already been published via the outskirts press.

without a publisher involved. Your book will be available in 2600 (online) book stores. You can determine your own price and earn around 10 to 20 dollars per sold item. Is your book out? Then promote it firmly among friends and family. If it’s a good book, word of mouth will do the rest. Mind you, writing a book requires a lot of discipline and time.

45. Washing dogs at home

Always had a love for dogs and you don’t mind washing them at all? It is a job that many pet owners are not waiting for. That is why it is a good idea to wash dogs and offer them a subscription. 

You can request around 10 dollars per subscription. The subscription then applies on a monthly basis. If you were a dog of certain customers more often, you can increase the subscription amount. With a few customers you can, therefore, earn an income with it. You must purchase some things before you start. If you have everything you need, hang an advertisement in the supermarket and make a deal with the pet store nearby to place flyers on the counter.

46. Promote brand

A brand ambassador is the face of a product or campaign (example photo: Adidas). It can be a paid employee, an influencer or a loyal customer of a company. Sometimes the term “brand ambassador” or “brand evangelist” is also mentioned. 

You are good with word of mouth and other forms of acquisition. You defend a product or brand. It is therefore important that you have a good network and that you can talk well. An example of brand ambassadors is the many loyal fans of Apple. Without experience, you can earn hundreds of dollars per month if you have a large (online) network.

47. Teaching students

Were you always a good student and can you explain difficult subject matter in a clear way? Then you can start giving tutoring to students. There are many platforms nowadays where you can work as a tutor. 

You don’t even have to stop by the students, because most platforms offer a connection via Skype. You can then start teaching digitally. For some platforms, you must have at least a foundation course. Giving extra lessons to students is primarily intended as a student job. You earn around 5 to 7 dollars per hour.

48. Start a business

Is entrepreneurship in your blood and do you want to become your own boss? Then with the help of family members and possibly a business loan you can become an entrepreneur yourself and set up a business. 

Enter a market where there is a need for a certain product or service and offer it to the public. Buy cheap and sell with margin. You can do business in all conceivable sectors. Choose a sector that appeals to you personally, so that you remain passionate in the longer term. Always start with entrepreneurial plans.

49. Programming

Do you not have a diploma but do you have strong analytical skills and very good knowledge of computer software and the technology behind websites? Then consider becoming a programmer

The more you can and experience you have, the higher your salary. A diploma is not necessarily required. You must, however, be able to demonstrate what you have in mind. You must be able to hand over a strong portfolio with programming at all times. Investigate which programming languages ​​are currently up to date.

50. Make money with apps

There are apps that allow you to earn extra money. You don’t have to create the apps yourself, you just have to use them. Consider quiz apps such as HQ ( Apple / Android ). You receive a prize for each well-answered question. With other apps, you get a reward for well-executed assignments. 

For example, most assignments are about correctly answering questions about your opinion. Make money apps are available for iOS and PlayStore. How much you earn depends on the app used.

51. Rent out the room

Do you have an empty room in the house that is suitable for subletting? Make sure the rent is cheaper than the legal rooms so that your advertisement is more attractive. Collect the rent yourself in cash every month. Don’t let a student register at your address. This, therefore, lacks a basic home grant that is not living at home, so consider also taking a working person into your home. Then you have less hassle in the long term.

Earning so much in a limited time is not obvious

We all want to earn money, but it is certainly not a matter of course. Whether or not you have a diploma in your pocket, with enough commitment and perseverance you can go very far so that you do not always have to go.

We would like to conclude below with an impressive list of successful people who have earned a lot of money without a diploma. Most have had to borrow business money in their careers to set up and grow their business.

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Madonna (singer)
  • Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft)
  • Coco Chanel (founder Chanel)
  • Ingvar Kamprad (founder Ikea)
  • Amancio Ortega (founder Zara)
  • Richard Branson (founder Virgin)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)
  • Michael Dell (founder Dell computers)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (talk show host and comedian)

One of the most important similarities that these people have in common is the possession of a healthy dose of passion and positivity for the profession they have chosen. They are proof that making a lot of money without a diploma is possible.

By having enough money in the bank at some point, the risk of borrowing money from the bank is much smaller. After you have earned a lot of money, consider investing this money to make even more money.

How To Make 1000 Dollars Fast Without a Job

Make 1000 Dollars Fast Without a Job the geniuses of mathematics will have realized that 5 for 300 dollars would even give an income of 1,500 dollars. In the case of being a freelance, I have taken into account that the self-employed quota can reach 300 dollars per month, so the income would go down to 1,200 dollars (then the IRPF must even be subtracted). 

I usually refrain from talking about politics but this time I will make an exception. This cost of exercising a job seems to me as absurd as it exists in the US. How can you be such an idiot to make self-employment so difficult? The world of start-ups is not better either because sometimes it can even be illegal to undertake. Well, I’ve said it, I’ve been more comfortable even if it doesn’t last long.

No matter the area in which you move or what you know how to do. It is feasible to achieve 5 clients that recurringly pay you 300 dollars per month. The alternative is to have to find them every month again which means an important investment of time in the acquisition of a new business. I repeat. I do not say that this is easy or a piece of cake, but whoever puts the batteries and works as if there were no tomorrow achieves it.

Set Up 10 Blogs Strategy

A web page typically gives much less than most people think. It is not easy to make a living by setting up a blog. Starting from scratch, you will not achieve the goal. Seeing what a mid-level blogger or webmaster earns with his blog the figure of 100 dollars per month is totally feasible. 

The bad news is that you have to multiply this effort by 10. It is easier to earn 100 dollars than 200 dollars with a blog. Consequently, more time must be invested to achieve 1,000 dollars in sum.

The key is to find the right niche, combine SEO for blogs without forgetting that we are writing for people. The effort to be made in an initial phase should not be underestimated. If we say that 1.5 posts per week and blog are published on average, we would have to get more than 2 articles every day. Writing is the only part. Then there is the promotion, SEO optimization, and management of the ads of each website. 

From that point, it is already very similar to the work of creating a network of blogs but without having external editors (at least in the startup phase). The most reasonable thing is to initially sign up to 500 dollars with 5 blogs and once you have managed to add little new sites. I mentioned Adsense because it is the most popular option. Later you will discover that there is a world beyond that can be even more profitable.

Write 40 Posts Per Month Strategy

The cost of an article is a topic that always generates debate. Prices start at 1 dollar for a post of 100 words and can reach 100 dollars or more for the content of 400 words. In this context, copywriting issues must be excluded because, according to the professional we are talking about, prices may be higher. 

I have had in my 10 years as a blogger only a collaboration where I was writing for third parties. I calculate my time between 100-200 dollars when I do not work for my own projects (which I do very little), with that the same and one can estimate what I have charged for it.

25 dollars per item is a “reasonable” price for a customer as long as the quality is adequate. We could say that it is a low market price and then according to the theme it can be easily folded. It is not a price that an SEO or webmaster who makes money with Adsense would be willing to pay you. 

To earn 1,000 dollars a month you would have to sell 40 posts for 25 dollars or if you want to increase the number of potential customers would be 50 at a price of 20 dollars. There are platforms like Textbroker where you can register as a copywriter but I tell you since you are not going to enter the works without doing anything. 

The best advice would be to specialize in a niche with demand but little supply. I would like to make a specific recommendation now but I am a little out of this business so you will not have another to do your own research (in case you are interested in this path).

10 Customers Of 100 Dollars

I think there is a group of people to whom I have healthy envy. These are people who have incredible power. Sometimes they seem supernatural because of the things they are capable of doing. They are called “programmers.” 

I must admit that my relationship with them is hate and love for the dependence they generate. In my previous company, they even ended up deciding the strategy of our start-up. Since then I have put the batteries with tools to depend on the least possible degree of technical knowledge to program landing pages or these things. I think I have achieved it.

To what was going. If you are a programmer and also one of the good ones, you have a unique opportunity. For this, it is necessary to activate the part of your brain that generates business ideas. Many programmers lack it or have a vision of the real world as a blind man with glasses could have it. Think of a tool, software, application or whatever. 

Find something where at least 10 companies or individuals would be willing to pay 100 dollars a month to use it. It is an amount that an SME with income is very little money. Achieving 10 customers with a good product that generates 100 dollars per month per customer a priori sounds totally feasible.

So you can certainly how to make 1000 dollars fast without borrowing. If you yourself are about to make an important choice in your career, choose a profession that you will still enjoy in 10 years. In this way, you will get up daily with the feeling that you are going to do something fun that doesn’t feel like work.

Final thoughts

I am aware that none of the ideas presented is “a piece of cake. ” All require a lot of effort and dedication to put them into practice. That’s life, today they don’t give you anything. Even a salary that some will seem little requires blood, sweat, and tears to reach it.🤗

Still, it is realistic. You don’t have to be Superman or anything like that to achieve it. How Crew work hard every day, weeks and months, yes. But today there is no other if you want to move on. Good luck!

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