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What is Digital Marketing Funnel & How to Implement it?

I have already talked about Digital marketing Funnel on another occasion. but, I presume that this topic has a lot to talk about so, I will dedicate this and another post to the topic of customer acquisition through the web.

At the end of the day that is quite the intention Any SME at the time of creating a website, if it were not. What would make sense? But first of all, we must understand that “the sale is far from being an event, the sale is a true process” and even more in this world of the Internet where there is so much “distrust” and quite, with a digital marketing funnel, we can counter this.

A well-built digital marketing funnel is what you are looking for to devise the best way to make our readers/visitors go through this process. in a natural way, what we are looking for is to convert our visitors into prospects, our prospects into customers. Our customers into customers Recurring and to achieve this we must make this process flow Supernaturalize, that our future client feels comfortable and satisfied, that is the one who tells you later: follow me selling, please … I beg you! Exactly, as it appears in the funnel image!

Well, with the image I wish to have defined what a digital marketing funnel is, as you will see the intention is to turn each visitor into a client but how unpleasant it is that you arrive at a website and at the moment 20 pop-ups and 50 forms appear asking for your email, you subscribe and now you start selling something that does not interest you.

It’s like when you go down the street and a seller hits you want to buy a pen.
when you load 3 in your pocket that is of much higher quality than what they are selling to you … Yes! What annoyance !!!

A few days ago, I read a blog of a friend and there was a real discussion about the differences in the way of marketing in US and the one that many Latin marketers achieve, the particular issue is that they execute here and another technique trying to get your email almost at any cost, well yes, that’s what I told you above in the image, but it is not so that we get to point our readers with a weapon to give us their email! It is not the way.

I do not want you to misunderstand me, I am not saying that the way marketing here does not work, sure it does, I assure you it works because many times I have bought some of these things, some very, very good and others that only remembering gives me some anger!

In fact, I could perform something similar and the reason why this works is because of:
the great secret to success on the internet, which is no secret … It’s about providing value.

How to build a digital marketing funnel?

digital marketing sales funnel

It was already good of so much talk, so I will immediately go on to provide you with this mini-guide –
I promise it will be mini-so you can set up your own marketing funnel:

  1. It attracts traffic to your website: This is the most difficult thing to do … No, I was not mistaken:
    It is difficult if you do not know How To Make A Professional website do it and very easy if you know it.  I know it goes without saying that you can attract traffic by doing something called SEO,
    with social networks and paid advertising, but hey, I already told you! Anyway you attract traffic to your website you must ensure that when your visitors are there they feel the best and so we go to step No. 2

  2. It brings value: I already talked about the reasons why a company should have a blog but I summarize it:
    It helps you with SEO, it allows you to connect with your potential clients, it allows you to tell them that you know about that to what you dedicate,
    that your greatest interest is that they feel good and that you don’t want to sell them, well, don’t tell them but let them think that! By the way, I am not selling you anything but you can leave me your email in any form here! And so I’m getting ahead, this is in step 3.

  3. Try to get your mail !: You do not need to be intrusive to ask someone to come to your website,
    in fact, I have done it twice in this article and I have not bothered you, in another blog article I have also talked a little about it but better It will be that you wait a bit to the next post where
    I will be talking about a tool that I have used before to make sure that I am doing this well, in your moment you will tell me your opinion. I can tell you a little about what I am doing here on the blog: In the sidebar,
    I have a form, at the end of the article there is also another form when you comment I give you the option to also subscribe …
    Well, I do not believe That is being intrusive! Hehe!

  4. You have already received your email and it is time to … continue to give value! You can send your articles by email, you can send exclusive information to your subscribers or you can make special gifts to people for the fact of subscribing to your email list,
    For this reason, it is that many people subscribe to a list even knowing that they are going to bombard you with sales emails because they offer you something of value! Aja And when will I sell? You will always be selling !!!  You still don’t understand? Even if you are not offering anything, at the time that person, who has already received enough from you, needs one of the services you offer you can be sure that he will buy you without you having to tell him. And well, it is not bad from time to time to send an email to sell … Whoever will understand that.

  5. Prepare your website to sell: I have already told you that once you have your prospect and give it value at that moment that person will buy you but you must make sure that this action will not involve a great effort for that person,
    so try to put it on potato, as we say here in Venezuela, that he does not have to go through a complicated process to buy your product/service and finally step 6 …

  6. Keep adding value: You already have a client that I imagine you will enjoy because you offer a service of the best! E & Y!!! I told you that it was a customer so you should treat it as the most precious treasure, so you will have to take it “out of the pile”, you know, that bunch of prospects…
    To that client that you will attend to it through a list of special mails,
    You will give exclusive gifts, discounts, …
    Yes, discounts so you can keep buying! Have you already copied?
    For this, you can do what I told you to put on a special subscriber list or, depending on the case,
    manage your relationship with him through a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). But we’ll talk about this another day, that’s enough for today.


I hope I have made you understand what a Digital Marketing Funnel is 
and how we can fulfill it within our website How crew, if so and this information has been useful to you then

I imagine that you will thank me by sharing the article on social networks. Ah! And you know that you can subscribe to my newsletter sometimes I send … Better not tell you, if you want to know subscribe! Hehe, Successes.

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