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Best Comprehensive Guide On How To Write An Article

You spend the day learning about how to write an article, you decide to start putting it into practice and go through a lot of stages …

First, you start creating links in forums and blogs, then you go through that moment in which you decide to make some guest articles and in the end you end up reading that the key right now is to create valuable content for people to do two things:

  1. Link like crazy to your blog.
  2. Directory Submissions.

At the end of so much effort, you realize that things are not working as you would like and that you barely get results. You start to believe that you are wasting your time with your blog, that SEO is worthless and that Google only puts up those who pay or “cheat” with blackhat …

Does this story sound like?  Because I don’t stop listening to her again and again.

Normally the problems are varied and most are due to bad decisions , the links in forums and blogs no longer have as much impact as before, the guest articles are a pretty good strategy the problem is that you may not be choosing the sites suitable for this and finally there is the content, so many written articles and you hardly receive links.

What injustice right?

It is precisely this last point that we are going to talk about in this post, throughout this article I will show you the formula to create engaging Pages and get quality links to your website. Do not miss anything because this post is loaded with useful and practical information that you can start using today.

The best-kept secret about how to write an article

secret about how to write an article

On the Internet, you will find a lot of opinions about how to write an article, the most widespread is that if you want to succeed with your website, you must create epic content, that content that is tremendously practical and useful for your readers, in this way you will get links from other websites that value your content but …

Is it as easy as they paint it?

Let me tell you clearly and emphatically that no, although it is true that you can get a link from other pages that you find interesting your content most of the time will hardly take effect and that is because creating content solely and exclusively for Your target audience is a big mistake .

I’m going to give you an example so you can see it better.

Imagine for a moment that you have a buffet of lawyers and want to have more presence on the Internet, the logical and normal thing would be to create your website and position it , for that there is nothing better like creating good content that places you as a reference in the sector and that Make your website the reference site.

Perfect! You get down to work and start defining the most basic, your target audience (the potential client to sell more), this audience could be a worker who has had a work accident or a hairdresser who has moisture problems with the housing above of your business, so you start creating articles geared towards all these types of problems so that they find you through Google.

After a few months, when the project is already taking something in a way you realize that your articles do not appear on the first pages of Google and you just receive visits , so you decide to do SEO and get links so that your articles reach First page and with them visits and customers.

But that is when you realize that the few people who come to your website and read it are workers, hairdressers, teachers, etc. that they don’t have any related web or blog to link to your articles and that the people who do (blogs of lawyers, newspapers, specialized portals, etc.) are not interested in peppering the judicial solution if the neighbor above is filling the roof with damp.

We could change the example of lawyers for a cooking blog, a language academy, a beauty center or 99% of the businesses you find today on the Internet.

Do you know why this happens? Because a clear strategy is not defined when creating the content, from my point of view for a blog or online business there are three pillars around which your articles should turn and these pillars are:

  • The content for your readers, the target audience of your blog and most of your visits.
  • The content for influencers or people related to your sector, which will be the ones that link to your articles and help you to a better position.
  • The viral content, the one with which you will get more visibility in your business through social networks.

And as I am here today to help you get more quality links through the content we are going to talk about the articles that are higher in our SEO Pyramid is about content for influencers or people close to your sector.

You may be wondering, what are influencers?

The influencers are people with certain authority and recognition in your sector, for example, Brian dean would be an influencer in the world of blogging and web positioning, has a blog with a good number of visits, an active community in it and a lot of impact on networks social.

It is a highly recommended group of people if you want to get visibility into your project, not only because they have communities behind that support their brand but because they are sites with a lot of projections that will help you a lot in terms of web positioning.

The other group to which this content would go and no less important are the people who have websites related to your industry and who will also help you get powerful and quality links so that your website positions better. If you don’t know how to find the influencers in your sector, here are a couple of tricks:

And you know how we are going to get influencers or other people to link to our content? Creating engaging Pages.

What are engaging pages?

What are engaging pages

Engaging pages are also known as Power Pages, it is a widely used term for pages that are highly optimized for SEO, I call them engaging Pages because they will be the pages that make your online project rise like foam without being known and without having to use blackhat techniques to position your content.

These are pages that are created solely and exclusively to achieve the greatest possible number of links and visibility, their objective is to attract the attention of the influencers of your niche, ensuring that they remain in their memory and that after having a look you have the need of sharing it with your audience.

The benefits of engaging pages are clear:

✔️ Get authority links to your website.

✔️ Achieve much more visibility in your subject.

✔️ Foster relationships with influential people in your sector.

✔️ Improve the perception that people of your brand have.

✔️ Increase your visits, subscribers or customers.

In the worst case, your article will be shared by social networks, which will bring you visits and above all visibility to network with people from the same sector, in the best of situations you will have achieved a quality and authority link to your project from a related website what is something very good in the eyes of Google, especially after the changes you are making in the Link Building.

But let me show you an example for you to see more clearly.

Case Study: Starting Your Project with an engaging Page

The market niche is Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, a very competitive sector because there are lots of cracks that are professionally dedicated to it every day, this niche is full of people who start and end up abandoning it because let’s be honest, Having visibility in this sector is something extremely complicated if you have not defined well how you are going to make your place in it.

I had a clear thing, I had to start strong and I did so, I began to shape the first of my engaging pages and the only one that I have given promotion so far.

Do you want to know what the results of this engaging page have been during the first months of life of the blog?

Here you have them:

✔️More than 1,700 visits since the article saw the light.

✔️He has obtained 13 quality links related websites to my blog through recommendations or collaborations

✔️More than 150 subscribers in my email list.

✔️It has been shared more than 200 times on social networks.

Not bad for a new blog from someone totally unknown right?

In short, this engaging page has given me a lot of visibility for a virgin project and has opened the door for future projects that have offered me throughout these three months in different areas of online marketing, including things that I didn’t have before I had raised in such a short term, how to go to give a training workshop on Internet visibility for entrepreneurs along with another Madrid blogger.

The benefits that this type of content brings you are much more valuable than 10 quick articles that you can create to get out of the way but that at the end of the month have not served you at all. and since I want your online project to work too and stop wasting your time writing content that isn’t going anywhere, I’m going to teach you to step by step how to create your engaging page.

Finding the Idea for Your Page

Idea for Your Page

The time has come to see the steps we have to follow to create our engaging page, so take paper and pen because you have to take into account everything you are going to read a little below if you want to make link building something that you do not Take sleep off at night.

Step 1. Brainstorming of ideas

The first thing you should do is find an interesting and powerful topic to write about, keep in mind that you will need to document yourself well before and you will have to invest time so you must make sure you choose the right topics if you do not want to have lost several days off I work without getting results.

You need a topic that influencers receive with open arms and to get some ideas about it you will have to do a little research.

#1. Influencers Blogs

A good place to take ideas is in the same blogs of the influencers of your sector, if you look and point the last 10 articles of each blog in excel you will find similarities, you will see that in some they talk about similar topics, that is a clear indicator of two things:

  • They are topical issues.
  • Your influencers are interested in them.

TIP: If your influencers’ blogs are not updated often you can always use their social networks like Twitter, G + or Facebook to see what topics they talk about or what type of content they share with their audience.

If you do not know how to find the influencers in your sector you can use any of this search string on Google and you will discover listings with many blogs of influential people in your niche:

  👍- Best keyword blogs of 2020

 👍- My favorite keyword blogs

  👍- Top blogs «keyword»

#2. Resource List

Another fantastic way to find interesting topics on which to create your engaging page is the resource listings, if you do not know what they are, these are the pages that link to featured content from other websites.

The best way to find these pages is through Google search strings such as:

👍 – «keyword» + inurl: resources

👍- «keyword» + inurl: links

👍- «keyword» + intitle: links of interest

👍 – «keyword» + intitle: featured resources

#3. Buzzsumo or Ahrefs

These online tools allow you to find the most shared articles on social networks either by entering a keyword or a web page, in this way you can quickly and in one place get the most popular topics on your subject.

You can use Buzzsumo (in its free version it shows you the first 10 results) or Ahrefs (it is paid and it is also a very powerful tool if you want to link building in your project). Once we have a list of topics that are engaging page can deal with, it is time to create it.

Creating your engaging page

There are different types of the engaging page but the most important thing when creating your engaging page is the structure you give it and the content you offer, it is important that your engaging page brings a lot of value and that it is also visually attractive.

You can prepare the best pizza in the world but if once put on the plate it does not look good, nobody will feel like trying it.

Collecting information

If you want to create a feeling of wow! In any of the influencers that land on your engaging page, it will not be enough with an article of 2,000 words saying the same thing that they have already read on 50 websites.

Your engaging page has to be perfect, it has to contain all the useful and practical information about the topic you are talking about, that anyone when they think, for example, in «How to Create Pizzas» automatically remembers your article because it has everything you need to create the perfect pizza.

And to get that you have two options:

  1. That you are a machine on the subject you are going to write (it is the least common).
  2. That you become a master of content research and healing.

And now is when you will be wondering …

what the hell is that about content curation? I am not a doctor

The content curation is a term that has become quite famous lately and arose from the amount of information out there today on the Internet, with most of it bad enough, a curated content (Content Curator) is responsible to gather all the information and valuable tricks on a subject, to impregnate them and to gather all that knowledge in a piece of epic content that has everything necessary to be useful and easy to digest by users.

To collect quality information on a subject that you do not know you must find all those articles that are gold nuggets on the mountain of coal on the Internet and for that, you can follow the following methods.

Method # 1 Google search strings

You can find a lot of valuable information on the subject that you are looking for directly from Google, a large part of the quality content is usually positioned in the first pages and is a good way to get into the topic you want to talk about.

Use search strings like:

 👍 – Best “keyword” articles

  👍- “Keyword” guide

Remember to write down the source of these guides to mention them in your article.

Method # 2 Buzzsumo

We return to the tool we have seen before, with it we can find the most viral content on the subject you want and if it has gone viral because it is valuable content that is worth sharing.

TIP: Whenever you want to curate content, it is preferable that you search for content in English, you will find much more information than in the Hispanic market. Ideally, curate content from both to gather the best information.

When you have already managed to select the articles that you think are more valuable and that fit better with what you want to deal with on your engaging page, it is time to create the structure of your article.

The skeleton of our engaging page

There are different types of engaging pages, from detailed guides to case studies through rounds of experts, in this guide I will give you some of the key elements that your engaging page should have if you want to add value with it, in your hands is to choose Then how do you want to present these elements depending on your type of page.

#1. Title Creation

The title is one of the most important elements of your article, I would dare to say that it is the most important, a bad title makes your article do not see it nor God and a good one makes everyone want to see your article. Every 10 people who visit your website, only 8 will read the title of your articles and if you have convinced them only 2 of them will come to read it, which is what makes the difference.

Imagine one day with the mobile giving a “garbeo” on Facebook to see that it is cooked, during the time that you are browsing the social network (Twitter would also be an example) you will read a lot of publications and many of them will have a Link to a video or article.

Which of these publications will you visit? The ones that call you the most for the title they have.

A good title has 3 parts:

✔️  A number at the beginning as a list.

✔️ A clear benefit that answers a question.

 ✔️ A specific and short time interval.

The pages of viral news are experts on this issue, do not move much in social networks only for its content but because they have headlines.

Another great site from which you can get ideas from groundbreaking headlines and that is less used are the magazines, the covers of the magazines have a design and a copy in which they have invested enough money to get the best results, why not take advantage of it?

You have pages with hundreds of magazine covers in English that will be very useful when creating your titles, such as those in  Magazines or Amazon Subscriptions.

#2. Introduction

The introduction to the article is after the title element that will make your visitor stay to read a large part of your article or decide to go to watch a YouTube video or update your Facebook status.

It is important that your intro is shortclear and concise, to attack a root problem and leave the person who is reading it wanting to know how it continues, from my point of view a perfect introduction should have several elements and for this, we are going to use as an example the intro of the On-Page SEO Guide that I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

An introductory line to put the reader in the text, if you like monologues you will have noticed that they usually use a lot of phrases like “Did you realize that …?” Or “The other day was …” these phrases are useful for introducing the audience into the conversation, making them feel comfortable and identify with the problem you solve.

A line describing the problem that you are going to solve and for which the article is oriented, when someone comes to your post the first thing they want to know is what benefit they are going to get wasting 10 minutes of their valuable time reading you, make it easy, see it quickly What is your engaging page about?

Discuss a problem with which they feel identified, attack their emotions, human beings are very emotional, simply comment in one or two lines a problem that stands between them and the solution to say «Fuck, of course, it is just what It happens to me! “. In this way, you get the reader to be completely immersed in the text and you only need to do one thing to finish earning it.

 The solution is your article, close the intro by offering your article as the perfect solution to forget once and for all that problem and you will have achieved that you are wishing to read it.

#4. Article main body

The structure and format with which you display your article is very important, keep in mind that your engaging page will have an extension of at least 2,000 words if you have done your job well, the engaging pages that I think usually have a minimum of 3,500- 4,000 words, well, the purpose of these pages is for influencers to enter, read and decide whether to link you or not, but let’s be honest. No influencer is going to read it unless it directly solves one of their problems, what they will do is scan it as most people do before deciding if we use our time reading it or not, so it is very important that the article has a «Skeleton» that allows you to quickly and easily see all the points of it.

Some tips I can give you to “dress up” your article are:

  • Use listings with icons, like the one you’re reading right now.
  • Make good use of your headings (H1, H2, H3 …) so that the reader can see clearly in which parts of the text is divided and to which each one belongs.
  • Use multimedia elements that help “rest” the visitor to read-only text (images, videos, presentations, etc.).
  • Use the form (bold, italic, underline, etc.) to help the reader follow your text and identify important areas, do not waste it to highlight keywords.
  • Uses a font typefont size, and line-height to be pleasant and comfortable to read, give importance to the readability of your article.

#5. Wow elements

The elements wow! they are those elements that leave a good feeling in the reader and that give your article more value, these are elements that go beyond a simple image to become something more curved and that when people say “ Pussy! This really is curved … » in short, impact on the reader.

These elements convey authority and position you as a person with knowledge of the subject, some examples are:

  • The graphs and statistics.
  • Personalized images with specific information on the subject you are dealing with.
  • Studies.
  • Infographics
  • Custom Videos
  • Create a method to solve the problem and give it a name that you think yourself. Who has not heard of the Theory of Relativity?

# 6 Closing

The closing is something very important, the conclusion is the last part of your article and the readers who reach it will be the ones who liked your content the most.

Seize the moment! Add your call to action.

As a general rule, people need to be told what we have to do, that’s why we tend to feel more secure when we are in a group, because we make decisions together and we don’t have to decide on our own, surely you’ve ever heard the expression « the flock of sheep ».

A person who reaches the end of your content wants to know what the next step is to do if he finds nothing, he leaves.

That is why you always have to have a conclusion in which you make a final assessment of your engaging page and give a call to action to the person telling them that it is the next thing you want them to do, either leave you a comment, share your content, subscribe to your newsletter or read another article related to the topic you have discussed.

Never let a reader leave your website to go to another!

Let him leave because you have recommended it, because he wants to go for a walk with his children, to watch his favorite series or to play a game on the Play but never to consume content from another website just because you have not known how to offer him more.


As you have seen throughout this article about how to write an articlethe engaging pages can be the before and after of your blog as you know it right now, making link building is not complicated, you just have to follow strategies that work and carry them out. The best way you know.

And here my participation in the piece of how crew blog ends, I hope that it has helped you and that it helps you to improve your project to be able to live on what you like most.

My regards and a tight hug 🙂

PS: Do not forget to leave me a comment with your doubts so I can come to answer!

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